Theresa May confirms Brexshit still means Brexshit

In a vague speech where she promised to provide clarity at an undefined point in the future, Theresa May has finally confirmed that Brexshit means Brexshit.

“I’ve been asked for clarity about this government’s plan for Brexit, and I cannot be clearer than this: Brexshit means Brexshit.”

“Public opinion as defined by the Sun, Mail and Express is squarely in favour of a hard Brexit that will destroy the lives of ordinary people and allow the rich to get richer, and that is precisely what I intend to do.”

“You proles are already virtually slaves to your greedy employers and the spivs to whom my party sold all your utilities and rail infrastructure.”

“And thanks to Brexit, my government will make Britain even fairer by removing all your rights and selling the NHS to American corporations.”

“As the people’s Fuhrer who likes to wear leather, I have no option other than to follow the will of the people as I interpret it.”

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