Anger as Iain Duncan Smith slams ‘enemies of autocracy’

The High Court judges who ruled in favour of parliamentary sovereignty are ‘shameful enemies of autocracy’ , Iain Duncan Smith has claimed.

The former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions went into meltdown immediately after the High Court ruling, ranting: “This is a disgrace which would never have happened under the Nazis.”

“We need to start thinking seriously about abolishing the rule of law, to make sure this kind of aberration doesn’t happen again.”

“How dare these unelected judges rule on a matter of the law, and arrive at an objective and thoughtful judgement. These delicate snowflakes know nothing of the patriotic glory of Brexit Britain, and as such they are truly shameful enemies of autocracy and tyranny.”

“How the fuck is Theresa May supposed to rule Britain as a far right tyrant now?”

“Next I suppose they’ll be telling me that my ruthless war on the unemployed, sick and disabled was a crime against humanity for which I should be prosecuted.”

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