Leave voter excited about ‘getting are country back’ on social media

A leave voter has taken to social media to describe her joy at being one step closer to ‘getting are country back’, it has emerged.

In the comments section of a Guardian story, anonymous user JaydaFransen88 wrote: “I am so glad are MPs have done there duty and respected the will of the 17 million people that voted leave.”

Continuing, Ms Fransen wrote: “Today were another step closer to getting are country back. I hope soon we’ll be able to kick out people I consider to be foreign, and to stop anybody who isn’t British from using the NHS.”

“After all, it’s called the National Health Service not the international health service, and the historical name of a public service is really important and should determine how it is run in the year 2017.”

After taking a quick toilet break and making a call to see how her friend Paul is doing in prison, Ms Fransen returned to her computer and put together a meme containing the words: “British and proud to be getting are country back. Share if you agree and want to help to spread propaganda for a fascist group like Britain First.”

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One thought on “Leave voter excited about ‘getting are country back’ on social media”

  1. Yes, it would be a terrible thing for Paul Nuttall to be imprisoned. After all to imprison fellow, compassionate and understanding human beings that care for the world and support renewable energy is one thing, and then there’s Paul Nutall

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