Scottish MPs can debate Brexit after we quit EU, says Westminster deputy speaker

Scotland’s Members of Parliament will be given ample time to debate the pros and cons of Brexit after the UK formally leaves the EU, Westminster’s deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle has announced.

Speaking out about his recent Commons battle against the SNP’s Joanna Cherry, the deputy speaker told Newscrasher: “In the 2015 general election Scotland had the audacity to reject the benevolent rule of the Conservative Party, which has patriotically siphoned billions out of public services and into the hands of high net worth individuals.”

“And to add insult to injury, in 2016 Scotland’s voters defied the patriotic will of the British people by voting to Remain in the hated European Union.”

“By cutting Joanna Cherry off mid speech, I was merely respecting the will of the 17 million utterly clueless people who voted to leave a political union they know next to nothing about, and who get their opinions from fake news in the Daily Mail.”

“Once the UK has formally left the EU I will be more than happy to let SNP MPs take part in debates about the pros and cons of invoking Article 50, and our terms of exit.”

“But for the time being, I’m afraid the will of the people as invented by Theresa May and the right wing tabloids is way more important than democracy, the constitution or the rule of law.”

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