Keep Britain a Christian country say hateful cunts with no Christian values

Britain is a Christian country and should stay that way, according to hateful bastards who have no actual Christian values.

Chris Bumfield from Lincolnshire told Newscrasher: “Despite being a hateful cunt who doesn’t follow any of the tenets of the Christian faith, I like to go around saying that we should keep Britain a Christian country because it’s a secret code that means I don’t like Muslims, immigrants or ethnic minorities.”

“Immigrants make me feel uncomfortable because some of them look a bit different when I see them around town, they have different customs, and some of them speak using words that come from a language that often is not English.”

“I also feel it is somehow a problem that there are so many foreign-born people living in Britain today, although that fact that I cannot give any rational reason to justify this assertion ought ring alarm bells.”

“Like Milo Yiannopoulos, I know I’m definitely not bigoted because I’ve had sex with a black person once before. But I really feel my patriotic British pride is being taken away from me by the presence of people who are a little bit different in very minor ways.”

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