No evidence for massive Russian involvement in EU referendum, say politicians who benefited from it

There is ‘no evidence’ for massive Russian involvement in the EU referendum, according to politicians who benefited from it.

A cabinet source told Newscrasher: “The Prime  Minister is very grateful to Vladimir Putin for all the clandestine funding and assistance he has given the Tories and UKIP in recent years, without which she would not have been able to take power and turn the country into a fascist dictatorship.”

“However, the government still maintains there is no real evidence for corrupt Russian involvement in the EU referendum, because it would be really inconvenient and people might finally recognise us for the corrupt shits we truly are.”

“The same goes for the 2015 general election which my party won by committing massive electoral fraud, again helped by Russian money.”

Commenting on recent revelations about Russian meddling in British politics, Nigel Farage said: “When Hillary Clinton first exposed me as a Russian agent working to destabilise Europe and the UK for personal financial gain, I was initially quite worried that my time on the gravy train might be up.”

“But then I remembered that a majority of the British public are actually stupid enough to believe anything that a far-right demagogue like me tells them, even when I put out full-on Nazi propaganda.”

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3 thoughts on “No evidence for massive Russian involvement in EU referendum, say politicians who benefited from it”

  1. In related news, establishment politicians who lost out in the referendum, being unable to fathom how for once they were unable control their population in a national vote, have concluded that since the public have no past record of thinking for themselves a foreign state must done their thinking for them.

    1. The genius of the Brexiteers is the way they made Leave voters believe they were voting to reject the right wing establishment instead of strengthening and endorsing more of it.

      1. I would argue that the greater genius of the Remain backers (establishment figures, multinational corporations, money institutions etc) is how they managed to convince those who like to consider themselves the better educated, more politically progressive amongst us that the capitalist club that is the EU is the vehicle for an enlightened political system.

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