Amber Rudd declares the ‘end of freedom as we know it’

Amber Rudd is to ‘end freedom as we know it’, it has been announced.

The Home Secretary told ITV’s Peston on Sunday that the current right to do things that are not explicitly permitted by Dictator May will not remain when Britain leaves the EU.

Rudd said: “One thing I can confirm is we will be ending freedom as we know it. Otherwise we’re looking at all sorts of different alternatives, like slavery, workhouses and making the unemployed fight each other to the death in order to obtain their benefits.”

“We may also have to consider raising the passport age to at least 40, to ensure that talented young people do not simply flee to countries where they would have a decent quality of life, where the government at least makes an attempt to work in the interest of the people.”

“The will of the older generations as dictated to them by the Daily Mail must be respected, and that means getting young people to toughen up and shoulder the cost of leaving the European Union.”

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