Government hasn’t assessed impact of completely destroying the economy, admits David Davis

The government has not yet assessed the impact of completely destroying the economy with a hard Brexit, David Davis has admitted.

Speaking to Newscrasher, Mr Davis said: “I did do some calculations on the back of a napkin during a recent lunchtime, but I stopped when it became clear that any Brexit would be utterly ruinous for the British economy.”

“Since then, the cabinet has agreed that if anybody asks about the economic ramifications of Brexit, we will simply say we haven’t got round to looking at that issue yet, but we’re pretty sure Brexit will be amazing.”

“A number of unpatriotic people may see through my lies using critical thinking, but many more will continue to be taken in by our campaign of lies.”

“The truth, of course, is that until we actually quit the EU without any deal, we have no way of knowing whether the economy will be ruined catastrophically, or will instead stagnate over a period of years.”

“Either way the common man, woman or child is going to have their life totally ruined just so unscrupulous politicians like me can benefit politically and financially.”

“This is the sacred patriotic will of the British people.”

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