Man still thinks future generations will thank him for crashing economy and stripping their rights

A man who voted to leave the EU believes his children will eventually thank him for voting to crash the economy and strip their rights, it has emerged.

Leave voter Chris Bumfield said: “I voted to leave the European Union for a number of legitimate reasons that subsequently turned out to be entirely false.”

“Nonetheless, I still think we should leave the EU because I feel uncomfortable about the idea of brown-skinned or foreign-born people living among us, and I am happy to finally admit my xenophobia was the real reason I voted Leave.”

“Despite crashing the economy and stripping away rights that younger generations currently enjoy, I firmly believe my children will thank me for what I have done.”

“But, I’ll probably have to wait twenty years or more for the economy to stabilise and return the kind of prosperity we enjoyed in the decades before Brexit.”

“It’s not my fault I voted to destroy their future, it’s their fault for not voting Remain in greater numbers.”


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