Rise in food bank use proves austerity is working, claims Iain Duncan Smith

The rise in the use of food banks proves austerity is working, Iain Duncan Smith has claimed.

Writing in the Sun, the former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions argues: “The poor have been living above their means for over a century now, and by pulling the plug on the welfare state my party has achieved a much needed redistribution of wealth, opportunities and health outcomes in favour of hard working rich people who don’t give a shit about those in need.”

“The fact that so many people now need to use food banks, despite being in full time employment, is a positive step towards a fairer Britain for hard working individuals who have inherited their wealth or who, like me, have married into a rich family.”

“Rising use of food banks is proof that our cruel austerity programme really is working as intended.”

“Some have suggested that some in the Conservative Party are racist bigots, but that is simply not true: We hate the poor of Britain just as much as the poor of Africa or anywhere else, and that proves we are not racist.”

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3 thoughts on “Rise in food bank use proves austerity is working, claims Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. Working? Doesn’t that suggest it was the intent that food banks be active and used by the less well off? Doesn’t he mean “happening”? If not, he is a totally unempathetic, nasty creature, hardly human at all.

  2. How dare the poor complain! We need workhouses to show these feckless and insidious wastrels that their type will not be tolerated! To have the utter gall to complain that they have to use food banks. These lefty liberal hell holes are just encouraging the lower orders to breed! I suggest you boil the leather on your shoes the next time your hungry!

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