Aesthetic preference for blue passport justifies tanking the economy, says Brexiter

An aesthetic preference for blue passports definitely justifies tanking the economy, a Brexiter has suggested.

Chris Bumfield, a UKIP councilor in Plymouth said: “The worst thing about being in the EU is the red passport, and that is why I voted to leave. My aesthetic preference for blue passports definitely justifies destroying the economy and ruining the lives of millions of Britons.”

“As somebody who doesn’t listen to experts, I’m in the dark about all the economic and political arguments. But what I do know is the fall-out from leaving the EU should only affect people for whom I have an unfounded dislike, such as ethnic minorities, foreigners, and the young.”

“Like many Brexit fantasists, I predict there will be a civil war in Britain if the hardest possible Brexit is not delivered immediately.”

“Naturally, I am not volunteering to be on the front line in this conflict, but there are plenty of pampered young people in Britain from whom my generation has yet to strip one final thing – their lives.”

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