This fantastic anti Brexit comment has been going viral on social media

This comment about Brexit in the Guardian has been going viral. It sums up very well how much of the country now feel about Brexit and the people who are forcing the country off the cliff-edge and towards the imminent destruction of not just the economy, but the very fabric of Britain itself.

“Thank you brexiters. You have succeeded in doing what no Armada, airforce, enemy or war has done in 300 years. You’ve made Britain small.

Your vote has manifestly and undeniably reduced this country. You have diminished us in the eyes of the world. Our power has been lessened, our influence has declined, we no longer have the same reach and standing.

You’ve lost us our seat on the international court. You’ve lost us our banks access to Europe. You’ve lost us our position as the cutting edge of European research. You’ve lost us any influence over our European neighbours and friends and as a consequence of that the rest of the world too.

You’ve turned this country into a backwater. You’ve made us a little people on a little island on the periphery of world events.

Taking back control? You’ve given all our power away for a sack full of dreams and a belly full of bile.


Why have you done this? I don’t understand. What is it? What is this grand dream that you believe we’ve lost and that leaving the EU will bring back?

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Is it possible that I’m the only British person alive today that has no clue as to what we’re meant to be fighting for? I literally have no idea what you brexiters want. I know what we’re meant to be against, but not one positive thing we’re meant to be striving towards in this new non European Britain. It seems to be something to do with churchill but other than than not a clue. It also seems that as I don’t know what this shared dream is meant to be then somehow you believe I’m now a traitor, why?

So brexiters please tell us all what you’re for, what you want? What is this “control” you claim to want so badly? What is it control over?

I’m not sure you actually understand yourselves. I think it’s a feeling you’re craving, a feeling of control over a world that is passing you by. I don’t think it amounts to any more than that. You want our country to bend to feelings and that’s it. You’re after obtaining the intangible and ephemeral by dismantling the real and permanent.

So please brexiters if you want me to pronounce shibboleth can you please have the decency of saying it out loud first. Give me a clue as to what you want us to be?”

The above comment was originally posted under a Guardian article by user ‘Tintenfische‘.

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