Farage ‘deeply unhappy’ that Brexit deal failed to mention concentration camps

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has expressed his dismay at that Brexit deal does not mention putting foreigners in concentration camps.

Mr Farage told a radio interviewer: “I am deeply unhappy about the deal that Theresa May has struck with the EU, because it fails to achieve a number of key things we all secretly voted for, including rounding foreigners up and putting them in concentration camps while we ponder how best to dispose of them.”

“Numerous studies have shown that Leave voters tend to be racist and bigoted, and often just want foreigners, ethnic minorities, and LGBT people sent back to where they came from. This means any deal with the EUSSR must address the desire to get rid of foreigners and make Britain into a fully fledged fascist state.”

“Of course, when I say we need to get rid of foreigners, that obviously doesn’t apply to fruity European women I would like to have it off with behind my German wife’s back.”

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