Leave voters surprised to learn the war ended more than 70 years ago

Leave voters have been surprised to learn that the Second World War has been over for more than 70 years, it has been reported.

Leave voter Chris Bumfield, from Barnsley said: “Churchill and Hitler both sought to unify Europe into a single political structure, albeit by different means.”

“But because my brain has been destroyed by decades of lies and propaganda from the right wing fake news media, I have chosen to associate the concept of a European Union with the Nazis instead of Churchill, despite the fact that I hold quite similar political beliefs to the Nazis myself.”

“Of course, even a school child could spot the glaring inconsistency in my reasoning that the EU is bad because Hitler tried to unify Europe, and my insistence in also calling it the EUSSR.”

“Logically, the EU cannot be both Nazi and communist at the same time, but as a hard line Brexiter my mind is unconstrained by logical thought, or concern for the younger generations who will be forced to live this idiotic decision for the rest of their lives.”

“All I know is we must leave the EU immediately. We’re not stupid fools who were taken in by obvious lies and propaganda.  We know what we voted for and we don’t care about any of the details.”

“Whatever the deal turns out to be, however hard or soft a Brexit we get, that is precisely what we voted for.”

“You have to remember, I was born in the early fifties when the Second World War was at its peak, and war against Europe is all I have known. But with Brexit, two world wars and one world cup maybe finally we can declare victory over the EUSSR once and for all.”

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