Tory reshuffle chaos doesn’t matter, look at Corbyn, says BBC

Theresa May’s chaotic reshuffle isn’t newsworthy, so look at Jeremy Corbyn instead, the BBC says.

Speaking on the BBC’s rolling anti-Corbyn channel, Laura Kuenssberg said: “When Jeremy Corbyn did a reshuffle of his front bench team we made as much political capital out of it for the Conservatives, but now the PM has done this shambolic reshuffle of her own it has become clear that reporting this kind of thing is simply not in the public interest. The public should instead look at whatever smears we’ve concocted against Labour this week.”

“As the national broadcaster, the BBC is obliged to provide fair and balanced coverage of current events and politics. We do this by ensuring our coverage shows the Conservative Party in the best light possible, to counter-balance the unfair bias the general public has against their selfish, hateful policies.”

“Similarly, our impartiality guidelines effectively oblige us to help the Tories dismantle the NHS by putting out hard-right propaganda and blaming as much as possible on Labour, who haven’t been in power since 2010.”

“I’m one of the most successful propagandists of our time, having kept Labour out of power at the last two elections, giving the Tories a free hand to cause over a hundred thousand excess deaths as people starve due to lack of money, or die waiting for life saving treatment in underfunded NHS hospitals. It’s great having no morals!”

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