Satire writers to sue Tory government for plagiarism

A group of prominent satire writers are to sue the Conservative Government for plagiarism, it has been announced.

A writer from another popular satire website told us: “We are getting a bit fucked off at the way the Tories keep ripping off our satirical stories and turning them into reality. It’s as though they have no actual creativity or originality.”

“When we made a joke about Theresa May becoming a tyranical dictator we thought we were merely extrapolating  current behaviour to the most extreme possible conclusion. We never imagined she would go and actually do it.”

“Of course, it is always possible that we recognised that the Tories are basically just evil cunts who want us all dead.”

A lawyer for another satirical news website, the Southend News Network, said: “In the end that a financial settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to enter legal proceedings and would accept Larry The Cat in litigation if they are strapped for cash.

Internet conspiracy theorists are even speculating that satire websites like ours are working for the Tories and other far-right groups to ‘test the water’ for various extreme ideas, such as the expansion of Iain Duncan Smith’s plans for a genocide of the poor, sick and disabled through the withdrawal of benefits, and the banning of microbeads in soaps.

Internet user Chris Bumfield said: “Can you please stop giving the Tories ideas about how to make ordinary people suffer even more than they already do.”

“Without your satirical stories, Theresa May probably wouldn’t have been able to come up with something as clever as turning sanctioned job-seekers into lampshades and novelty soaps to be sold in Poundland.”

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