Left wing people who don’t want the disabled to die are the real monsters, says the right wing media

Left wing people who don’t want the sick and disabled to die are the real monsters, the right wing media has decided.

One right wing journalist told us: “Who are the real monsters: the bean counters in the Government who say there’s no money to prevent the poor and disabled starving or freezing to death, while claiming over a hundred thousand a year in expenses?”

“No, the real monsters are the left wing thugs who’ve had the audacity to complain on about austerity and the deliberate defunding of the NHS.”

“When people criticise the Prime Minister or members of her Cabinet for hounding the disabled, we do our best to paint the Tories as victims of cruel internet bullies, when in fact the opposite is true.”

“My boss Rupert Murdoch and our Tory chums would prefer it if people wouldn’t bother to think about things, and simply accept what we say as some kind of self evident common sense.”

“In any case, thinking is unpatriotic and helps the enemies of the people who are intent on talking this country down.”

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