Scientists discover first known Leave voter who can spell and construct sentences without using all capitals

Scientists have discovered first known example of a Leave voter who can spell and construct sentences without using all capitals, it has been reported.

Professor Chris Bumfield, who heads the Brexit Science Institute at the University of Life, said: “Leave voters have gained a bad reputation online, due in part to their poor spelling and excessive use of capital letters.”

“When the Department for Exiting the European awarded us funding to search for intelligent life among Leave voters, we immediately set about trawling the internet in search of these mythical people.”

“After hundreds of hours of painstaking searching, we are proud to announce the discovery of a single Leave voter who can spell and make judicious use of capital letters.”

But the discovery is not without caveats, as Professor Bumfield explains: “However, even if Leave voters use correct spelling and avoid capitalising every fucking word, the substance of what they write is nevertheless completely free from rational thought, and thus makes no sense whatsoever.”

Commenting on the groundbreaking discovery, Brexit Minister David Davis said: “You don’t have to be very intelligent to support leaving the EU, and I know I’m not intelligent by any meaning of the word, but this anecdotal evidence proves once and for all that intelligence and voting Leave are not mutually exclusive.”

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