Losing power democratically is actually a ‘coup’ and a ‘purge’, Blairites claim

Losing power democratically is a ‘coup’ and a ‘purge’, the Blairite faction of the Labour Party has decided.

One Blairite said: “I am shocked and worried that members within the Labour Party are taking part in the democratic process of voting for who they feel will best represent their interests on the party’s National Executive Committee.”

“I wouldn’t have an issue if Blairites were winning those seats on the NEC, but it represents a dangerous Marxist coup when left wing candidates win via this entirely fair and democratic process.”

“I know New Labour did it to MPs like Bob Wareing and Frank Cook, but what is happening now is totally different because it’s being done to people who are on the right of the party and think austerity is alright.”

“It is now vitally important for all Labour Party figures who are cool with austerity to run crying to the right wing media, complaining about an imaginary ‘Marxist purge’ of the party by extremists who think ordinary people deserve decent living conditions and properly funded public services.”

“If you play your cards right, you might even get paid thousands to write a regular column scaremongering about Jeremy Corbyn in the Daily Mail like Dan Hodges does.”

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