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News Crasher is run by a collective of left-leaning satirists led by me (Jeff Sanchez), and we aim to poke fun at and expose the vices of public figures, to satirise current events, and sometimes just crack a joke.

The quotes we publish are almost always made up, but similarities to actual events are not entirely coincidental, and there’s always a serious point underlying our articles.

If you would like the right to reply to any of our satirical stories, or have any complaint, you can contact us in one of two ways:

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14 thoughts on “About News Crasher”

  1. I was drawn here by your article about IDS removing the vote from benefit claimants. It had the ring of truth to it 🙂 I love it!

  2. The problem is you cannot satirise him or this government. I honestly wondered if thus was genuine for a minute.

    Well done. Keep itup. Eventually the Daily Mail wil publish one of your stories as Genuine.

  3. Don’t worry, comrades: Newscrasher won’t give the Tories & British elite any ideas. They are clearly using templates from Brave New World, 1984, and Mein Kampf. Happy daze!

  4. Breaking news: Leaked documents today reveal that Brexit was a hoax cooked up by Rupert Murdoch and the Mail’s Paul Dacre as a means of making fun of the British public and selling more papers in the process. They came up with Brexit as the most crackpot scheme they could think of. Now they are having a good laugh at the Brexiteer politicians who were gullible enough to swallow the whole thing hook line and sinker. A few years hence they intend sell even more papers when they come clean and reveal how they fooled more than half the population. It happened before with the Hitler diaries, and it’s happening again now.

  5. Satirists?

    Left leaning?
    In a country tilting ever more to the right these past 40 years ‘left leaning’ actually translates as almost centrist, with a hint of what in Thatcher times were called Tory wets.

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