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NHS debate not as interesting as giving platform to xenophobes, says David Dimbleby

The debate about the perilous state of the National Health Service is not as interesting as giving a platform to xenophobics, the BBC’s David Dimbleby has argued.

Speaking on this week’s BBC Question Time, the former Bullingdon Club member said: “I take my role as host of the BBC’s flagship propaganda programme extremely seriously, just like the show’s audience producer who deliberately packs the audience with people who support UKIP and other far right groups.”

“For the good of the Government and in the interest of national security, we try to avoid debating the NHS because it’s a topic that tends to favour unelectable left wing parties who actually give a shit about public services and the well being of people.”

“Instead, we arrange it so that the majority of time is taken up with Brexit and other topics that can be used to bully left wing panelists, much to the political advantage of the Conservatives and other right wing extremist parties.”

“And if it looks like a Labour politician is about to make a popular point about how they would spend more on the NHS, I’ll quickly interrupt under the guise of ‘balance’ and state as fact my personal opinion that the Conservatives AND Labour are both wrong.”


Why I bully left wing and pro-EU panelists on Question Time, by David Dumbleby

By the BBC’s David Dumbleby

Over the past few months, there have been numerous complaints about the very clear right-wing, pro-Brexit bias that I inject into the BBC’s flagship political debate programme Question Time. It is now time for me to answer my anti-Britain accusers who are antisemitic Trotskyites and who are treasonously trying to overthrow the government via the ballot box.

People have asked me why our studio audience always seems to be packed full of right wingers and Brexit supporters. The answer lies in the fact that the BBC is obliged to ensure a balance between the different parties and views that prevail in the country. The government are widely hated by the public and are deliberately crashing the economy for their own personal advancement, and the BBC has a legal duty to strongly over-emphasize the other side of the debate by inviting hard right or bigoted panelists, and by inviting UKIP and EDL supporters to join the audience.

In addition, I am careful to allow right wingers and bigots to speak uninterrupted, while always interrupting and bullying left winger and those who are interested in improving the lives of ordinary people.

Although Question Time is currently highly biased, over time this bias will be transmitted to the general population and become ‘normal’, so that eventually most of the public will be far-right, neo-liberal fanatics who hate the very idea of the welfare state and socialised healthcare almost as much as they hate foreigners and the poor.

My hope is that in the long term, the ordinary people never actually wake up to the fact that the rich ruling elite are responsible for their fall in living standards, instead of the foreigners and people on benefits that the right currently tell them to blame.

But the challenge for the coming decades of rule by our glorious dictator Theresa May will be to find new scapegoats to wrongly blame once the foreigners have all been deported, and once the poor and sick are all dead.