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Just submit to my will and human rights won’t be necessary, Theresa May announces

You will not need any human rights if you submit to me, your new dictatorial overlord, Theresa May has announced.

“For too long the government have tolerated the European concept of human rights, much to the annoyance of people like me who want to be able to do anything I want to you little people.”

“But on June 23rd the people have given me a massive mandate to do anything I want, and this includes the abolition of all human rights and all worker’s rights.”

The Prime Minister continued: “In our brave new world, there will be no need for human rights to protect patriotic and hard-working Britons from their masters in the government, unless they are engaged in criminal activities, which includes socialist thought-crime and the treasonous activity of trying to overthrow a Conservative government via the ballot box.”

“Likewise, all good British born patriots will surely agree that worker’s rights are entirely unnecessary if you are a hard-working, wealth-creater earning £100,000 a year or more.”

Sun reader Jeff Bumfield commented: “I agree with whatever lies the Sun publish today. I read the Sun for the same reason that I eat and drink from the toilet — I love to swallow shit.”


Only immigrants and Muslims to be harmed by abolition of human rights, tabloid readers confirm

Only immigrants and Muslims are to be harmed by the abolition of human rights, tabloid readers have confirmed.

UKIP voter Chris Bumfield said: “I did extensive research using the Daily Mail and I am just horrified that human rights protect people I don’t like, people such as Muslims and immigrants. What about my right to openly persecute them or the disabled?”

“I completely support the abolition of human rights because it will only harm immigrants and Muslims, but will leave right-wing white Britons completely untroubled and with an enhanced feeling of national pride”, he added.

Although some have voiced concerns, Theresa May continues to insist that she has no ulterior motives for wanting to strip the people of their human rights and basically turn them into slaves to the ruling elite. As home secretary, Mrs May famously attended parliament unclothed on one occasion in order to drive home her ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ message.