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Stop presenting rational arguments against Brexit, demand Leavers

Leave voters from around Britain have asked Remainers to please stop presenting rational arguments against Brexit, it has been reported.

Leave voter Max Scheisser said: “It would be nice if my Remainer relatives would stop trying to change my mind on Brexit using rational arguments, because I’ve already given every possible indication that I am entirely immune to intelligent reasoning.”

“Most Remainers are just not thick enough to construct the type of emotional, anti-logical arguments that would get through to a Daily Express reading simpleton like me.”

“We need arguments like ‘let’s leave the EU to stop immigration from countries that are not even in the EU and never will be’, or ‘vote leave to make the country richer by making everyone poorer.'”

“Of course, if somebody comes at me shouting obviously made-up numbers, or with a transparent lie written on the side of a bus, then maybe they’d have my attention. But the inability of Remoaners to concoct surreal fantasies about getting the empire back just leaves me cold.”

“Now if you would please excuse me, I have to go and be inexplicably rational and logical in every other aspect of my life, except for the issue of membership of the European Union.”