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Britain First’s Jayda Fransen to march on Westminster with army of 10,000 uruk-hai

Britain First’s Jayda Fransen has pledged to march on Westminster at the head of an army of 10,000 uruk-hai, it has emerged.

Speaking exclusively to Newscrasher, the deputy leader of the far right group said: “Next week a panel of judges will decide whether Theresa May’s right wing dictatorship has the right to take us out of the EU, against the wishes of the majority of the public and parliament.”

“To help the judges make up their minds, I will be marching on central London at the head of a 10,000 strong army of fighting uruk-hai, to pressure these judges into accepting the fact that us fascists are now in control, because that’s what people voted for.”

“Paul Golding and I will be praying to Our Lord Jesus Christ that all the judges are white, Christian heterosexuals with a penchant for fascism this time around.”

Fransen added: “We expect to have around 100 ill-informed Brexit-supporting pensioners marching with us as well, although numbers may dwindle somewhat once our uruk-hai begin to hunger for man-flesh.”

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