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This amazing anti Trump tweet is going viral on social media

An amazing anti Trump tweet by the husband of murdered lawmaker Jo Cox has been going viral on social media.

The controversy erupted when Donald Trump retweeted several racist videos from far-right group Britain First, drawing major criticism from British politicians.

As the Twitter was escalated, Brendan Cox (@Mr BrendanCox) tweeted this scathing rebuke to President Trump:

“You have a mass shooting every single day in your country, your murder rate is many times that of the UK, your healthcare system is a disgrace, you can’t pass anything through a congress that you control. I would focus on that.”

Brendan Cox is the widower of slain British lawmaker Jo Cox, who was assassinated in 2016 by right-wing terrorist Thomas Mair. Mair is thought to have been a follower of Britain First at the time, and shouted “Britain first” as he shot Mrs Cox to death.

In an interview on ITV on Thursday, Mr Cox said: “This is a criminal group of people being retweeted by the president of our closest ally and that is a problem, because hatred has impact. When you drive hatred it has consequences, people lose family members. I am testament to that. Wherever that hatred comes from we need to crack down on it and this president is promoting it.”

He added: “Our most important relationship is now mediated through this man who has the mental approach of a toddler. That’s probably being harsh to toddlers. I think my kids would deal with international affairs in a much more effective way.”


Twat who urged ‘take back control’ is now OK with foreign leader choosing our ambassadors

By Jeff Sanchez and Dorothy Hotdog

A Twat who urged British voters to ‘take back control’ from foreign politicians is now perfectly OK with a foreign leader choosing our ambassadors, it has emerged.

Ranting on Twitter, Nigel Farage said: “In voting to leave the EU the British people decided to take back control from foreign governments. I now call on the British government to listen to the president elect of America and immediately appoint me ambassador.”

“I believe that my stunning hypocrisy is justified by the fact that I would definitely be the greatest fascist ambassador in the history of this country.”

“Failing that, I think I should be made prime minister, again by presidential decree.”

“I am definitely not in the pay of  foreign power, especially not Russia. Definitely not. There is absolutely no evidence to back that up. And those EU expenses were merely resting in our account.”