Letting MPs or the public vote would undermine my dictatorship … I mean democracy, says May

The public and Parliament will not be permitted to vote again because it would undermine my dictatorship, Theresa May has announced.

Speaking to Laura Kuenssberg, a Conservative Party spokesperson currently on secondment to the BBC, the Prime Minister said: “A number of known troublemakers in Parliament, allied with potential terrorist sympathisers among the general public, have asked for there to be a meaningful vote on my Brexit deal, or else a new referendum.”

“But because the deal I have reached with the EU is truly in the national interest, I have decreed that there will be no more voting of any kind because that kind of seditious behaviour would undermine my strong and stable dictatorship, err, I mean it would undermine democracy and loads of gammon snowflakes would be triggered.”

“I would also like to point out that our unwritten constitution literally is not worth the paper it is written on, so I can legally ignore all Parliamentary convention and rule as a tyrant if I so wish. Parliament and the public should get over it, they lost, I won.”

“I am clear that my people love me, as was proven by the landslide victory in the 2016 referendum on whether I should become Prime Minister for life, and in my subsequent landslide general election victory. It would surely violate the sacred will of the people were I to stand down at this crucial stage in our war on EU citizens and Brussels.”

Kuenssberg: “How does it feel to be officially the greatest leader in the entire history of this great nation? It must be hard being so amazing, all the time.”

May: “I’m glad you asked me that, Laura, but the real question is whether the British people want strong and stable leadership under my rule, or a coalition of chaos under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. I know the public will be very glad they listened to David Cameron back in 2015 and opted for stable, non-chaotic Conservative rule.”

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