Cameron: striking doctors are like terrorist sympathisers

British Prime Minister David Cameron has provoked anger by arguing that today’s strike by junior doctors are ‘terrorist sympathisers’.

Mr Cameron said: “When the Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s London mayoral candidate are both so friendly with terrorists, is it any wonder that junior doctors feel it is acceptable to also associate with terrorists as they have done so cynically today.”

“I do not know how anybody could actually think decent healthcare provided by the state and free at the point of use is a good idea, so they clearly must be terrorist sympathisers.”

The hard right PM is said to be keen to associate any and all of his political opponents with terrorism, so that the public will support his plans to sell off the NHS and crush the poor and disabled.

Home Secretary Theresa May added: “Those earning £100,000 or more, or who are now enjoying a comfortable retirement, can rest assured that industrial action will soon be a thing of the past, regardless of whether we choose to leave or remain in the EU.”

“Our newly created hard-right Blueshirt militia, outsourced to G4S, will be instrumental in our anti industrial action crackdown on potential terrorist sympathisers and their Labour collaborators.”

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9 thoughts on “Cameron: striking doctors are like terrorist sympathisers”

    1. i entirely agree he is an awful man and a worse leader. It is up to us to put him in his place out of no 10.

    2. There are so many things he should not be allowed to say or do, that he gets away with? I don’t think it would be too strong to say that the country is sleepwalking into the early stages of a dictatorship??

  1. I think it is ridiculous that t pm can get away wi constantly pickin on t disabled n poor wen he’s makin sure that his buddy,s in Westminster r set 4 life while poor n disabled get pushed 2 t curb n forgotten about (I am severly disabled ♿ n rely on my money 2 keep me goin n 2 pay my bills). T pm should b kicked out o office n someone who,ll fight 4 t scottland put in his place x

  2. “terrorist sympathisers” really? you, who have shared a platform with actual terrorists? Saudi buys billions of weapons from us to use on Yemen and you, dodgy dave, have the temerity to call us terrorist sympathizers? carry on and you will have to go sooner than the next ge, sulphurous despotic hypocrite that you are, the most devise pm EVER!

  3. Doctors who save lives being linked to murders who take lives! Even Dodgy Dave had surpassed himself with this iniquity. Shame on him and his greedy band of asset strippers.

  4. You are a disgrace to this country David Cameron or should I say dodgy Dave! Everything you & your dodgy government put your hands on you break!!! You have this country on its knees & need put out of parliament as soon as possible!! You pack of greedy dodgy dictator wannabe’s!

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