Far right activist spends afternoon creating meme littered with grammatical errors

A far right activist has spent hours using Photoshop to create a professional looking meme that is littered with unfortunate grammatical errors, it has emerged.

Internet fascist Chris Bumfield said: “I spent an entire afternoon in my darkened bedroom making a visually appealing meme that I believed would rally internet users to my hateful cause.”

“Like many online racists I still live with my Mum and do not have a job or a girlfriend, but this means I am fortunate enough to have loads of free time to blame foreigners and ethnic minorities for the fact that I still live with my Mum and do not have a job or a girlfriend.”

“However, due to my poor knowledge of the English language, the racist memes I create are often littered with grammatical errors. Especially apostrophes, which are usually absent or placed incorrectly.”

“Sadly, this negates the effectiveness of my propaganda, which becomes a source of mirth for non-racist social media users instead.”

“If I had two brain cells to knock together, I would probably find it ironic that I like to publicly abuse foreigners for not speaking English, when I have such a poor grasp of the language myself.”

“If I’m honest, it would probably be a better use of my time if I just stuck to masturbating over Britain First’s Jayda Fransen instead.”

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