New ‘Hitlrr’ dating app will let nazis to swipe right or far-right

By Dorothy Hotdog and Jeff Sanchez

A new dating app for Nazis will allow users to swipe right or far-right, it has been announced.

A press release issued by far-right tech startup Xenotech said: “Nazis are spectacularly unsuccessful with women, not because they are racist thugs who fantasize about creating a white ethno-state , but because of a left wing bias which causes women to swipe left when they see photos of Aryan supermen.”

“Xenotech is pleased to announce creation of our ‘Hitrr’ app, an innovative safe space for Nazis who want to meet a partner with similarly bigoted views, while avoiding the embarrassment of accidentally going on a date with somebody who thinks socialised healthcare is a good idea.”

“It is important for white supremacists can exercise their freedom of speech and rights to meet other members of the master race, without being triggered by left wing snowflakes.”

“The Hitlrr app will allow users to swipe right when a potential match is not considered attractive, or far-right when presented with an promising candidate to help him or her rebuild the master-race.”

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