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Labour could split unless it elects a leader with no integrity, says Owen Smith

The Labour Party could split unless it elects a leader who is entirely without integrity, leadership challenger Owen Smith has suggested.

The former Pfizer lobbyist said: “There’s growing concern among Labour moderates about Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity, and how it makes them look bad. Some moderates are considering splitting and forming a new party over this issue, and they believe they have the public on their side.”

“Jeremy Corbyn won’t take money from Tory donors like Peter Hearn, who donated £75,000 to Yvette Cooper for her failed leadersip bid in 2015, and who recently gave  £12,500  to Dan Jarvis so he could go out and buy some ideas.”

“This poses a massive problem, because when a politician cannot be bought off and corrupted by the wealthy, they become unelectable and a threat to national security.”

“What Labour urgently needs is a leader without any integrity at all. Someone who will take money from anyone, and who will say anything to get elected. That someone could be me.”

“Vote for me, because I’m all the good bits of Jeremy Corbyn, without the bad things.”

“And unlike Jeremy, I’m ordinary. Very, very ordinary.”