Osborne twitter row: Cameron ‘common criminal’

The ongoing row over David Cameron’s tax affairs has intensified today after a tweet by George Osborne was seen to suggest he believes the Prime Minister is a ‘common criminal’.

In the tweet, Mr Osborne wrote: “Tax evasion is not just illegal it’s immoral. People evading tax should be treated same as common thieves.”

The Chancellor’s shock intervention in the row over tax dodging is likely to represent the death knell of Mr Cameron’s political career, and it is now likely to become increasingly difficult for Cameron to resist calls for his resignation.

Although the hard-right Prime Minister has not officially commented on the Chancellor’s tweet, Mr Cameron is understood to have privately called him a ‘drug-addled shambles of a chancellor who should still be refolding towels’.

Despite the rest of the media focusing on Cameron’s tax evasion scandal, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg spent most of the day tweeting her musings on why Jeremy Corbyn’s beard makes him unelectable and why the colour of his bicycle is the cause of divisions among the Parliamentary Labour Party.

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