Jeremy Corbyn can’t be trusted to privatise NHS properly, warns Branson

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn cannot be trusted to privatise the National Health Service, entrepreneur Richard Branson has warned.

The millionaire and tax exile told the Daily Mail: “Jeremy Corbyn can’t be trusted to hand over large chunks of the NHS to the private sector in a way that is maximally profitable to investors. Entrepreneurs face going out of business if we are prevented from devouring the NHS.”

“Take Virgin Health, for example. Despite paying no tax on our massive profits because we’re based in a tax haven, Virgin Health could see a significant reduction in the taxpayer funded profits that are needed to maintain my extravagant lifestyle, unless Britain continues to elect hard right prime ministers.”

“How I long for the days when Labour had a Thatcherite warmonger for a leader, who was happy to sell the family silver to spivs like me.”

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One thought on “Jeremy Corbyn can’t be trusted to privatise NHS properly, warns Branson”

  1. In another extract from the interview which was omitted due to lack of scrolling depth on computer screens, Branson lamented the failure of the EU to continue with the TTIP negotiations aimed at opening up the NHS and other social services to the multinationals he & his friends own. He thought public distrust of their motives was extremely odd given that he & his friends were even offering to shoulder the costs of manning the tribunals which would oversee & judge in government/corporate disputes.
    He said: “The EU as a bastion of left leaning political thinkers who simply wanted to distribute the benefits of what Brits regard as a universal health system a little more universally, & international corporations are best equipped to implement the EUs socially progressive agenda.”

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