Government calls on democracy and rule of law to do its patriotic duty and fuck off

Democracy and the rule of law should do their patriotic duty and fuck off, the government has announced.

Outrageous liar David Davis said: “I didn’t lie my pants off in the referendum and in Parliament, only for Brexit to face meaningful scrutiny in the House of Lords.”

“I now call on the Lords to approve the article 50 bill without any scrutiny whatsoever, or face the fascist wrath of the Government.”

“If they choose to defy the will of the minority who voter for Brexit, by objectively examining our plans and asking difficult questions, then we will be forced to abolish them.”

“In fact, abolishing checks and balances such as the House of Lords and the independent judiciary is long overdue, and you can rest assured that we are prepared to take all necessary steps to ensure our dream of an independent fascist Britain, free from the European shackles of prosperity and human rights, ready to face the challenges of the early 20th century.

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