Tory anger over ‘humanist plants’ in Question Time audience

Tories have expressed anger over alleged ‘humanist plants’ in the audience of BBC Question Time, it has been learned.

Conservative councilor Chris Bumfield said: “Many of us have noticed the increasingly sinister presence of normal, humanist people in the audience of Question Time.”

“The people have clearly spoken, and they want the country to be ruled by a gang of sociopaths who are intent on stripping the people of their dignity, their food, and eventually their lives.”

“Something must be done about this, and that is why I will be sneaking into the Question Time audience next week by pretending to be an ordinary member of the public. I urge other small-time Conservative councilors to do the same.”

“I have yet to decide what I’ll ask, but it’ll probably be something about Corbyn being unelectable and how my party is giving more money to the public services than ever before.”

“That’s precisely the kind of bullshit like that should keep the most gullible, Tory-voting members of society in their rightful place at the bottom.”

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