Racism much more important than prosperity, Theresa May announces

Being a racist country is much more important than prosperity and tolerance, the Prime Minister has decided.

Speaking to a fawning Andrew Marr who failed to ask any difficult questions, Theresa May said: “Although having a strong economy with high levels of employment and prosperity is important, I firmly believe that those things must be sacrificed at the altar of fascism so that we may turn the United Kingdom into a fully fledged racist country.”

“And that is why I am taking the country out of the European Union against the wishes and best interests of the majority of the people.”

In an audibly wavering voice, the Prime Minister continued: “Foreigners who walk among us will need to identify themselves using special badges, so that racists can more readily zero in and express their genuine concerns over immigration using abusive language.”

Speaking directly to Mr. Marr, the dictator added: “This brings us to the end of my list of approved questions, and thanks for not asking me about my secret meeting with my boss, Rupert Murdoch. Your OBE is in the post.”

To which the presenter replied: “Double plus good, your Britannic excellency. Let us stick together to keep the plebs in poverty.”

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