Let’s investigate Jeremy Corbyn before investigating Tory electoral fraud and human rights abuses, Tories say

Frivolous investigations into Jeremy Corbyn should be given priority over investigations into Tory electoral fraud and human rights abuses, the Tories have announced.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “There is a large number of truly shitty things that Conservatives have done over the years, including electoral fraud, human rights abuses in the Battle of Orgreave, and weaponising hunger, but it’s simply not in the national interest to investigate any of it.”

“Society would definitely cease to function if the people were to find out about all the different ways we’ve been screwing them and ruining their lives.”

“However, the national interest would be very well served by launching frivolous investigations into Jeremy Corbyn, to get to the bottom of the very serious allegation made by Laura Kuenssberg that Mr. Corbyn is in fact an antisemitic antichrist vampire.”

A spokesperson for the BBC also announced that the broadcaster would no longer provide coverage or comment on any scandals involving Conservative governments, arguing that ‘these matters are now closed for all time’.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s investigate Jeremy Corbyn before investigating Tory electoral fraud and human rights abuses, Tories say”

  1. I am so disgusted and angry with this government, these words don’t seem strong enough to express the way I feel. Lets investigate Orgreave and lets not forget the election fraud that the Tories have been associated with. Perhaps we should also be looking at how they are responsible for people with mental illness failed every day! DISGRACE what about the sick, disabled and the vulnerable? DISGRACE. The Tories are inhuman and have no compassion and people are paying them to do this to us through their taxes. Not to mention the deals being done in our NHS, yes our NHS we all paid our national insurance contributions, it’s not theirs to sell. Then all they can come up with is an investigation of Jeremy Corbyn, if the who situation with this country wasn’t so serious it would be laughable. I won’t be broken by the like of MAY #CruelTories

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