BBC to review security after non-Brexiter sneaks into Question Time audience

The BBC is conducting an urgent review into its security procedures after a non-Brexiter was somehow able to sneak into the Question Time audience, it has been revealed.

Question Time host David Dimbleby said: “Our audience is carefully selected to be as representative as possible of what the Government would like to the British public to be.”

“However, on this occasion it was discovered that a member of the public who is not right wing or racist somehow managed to sneak into the Question Time audience.”

“Instead of asking a sensible question like ‘when will my hero Nigel Farage get his well deserved knighthood?’, the interloper instead asked a question that was very unfair to the Government because it made use of real facts.”

“We apologise to the Government for this oversight, and we are now reviewing our security and vetting procedures to make sure this never, ever happens again.”

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The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg added: “Because Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, just like whoever ends up replacing him as Labour leader will be, it is important that the state broadcasting corporation adheres to a strict policy of undermining Labour at every possible opportunity.”

“This includes criticising Corbyn for things we have no issue with when Conservatives do the same or worse, and finding inventive ways to blame Labour for fuck-ups made by Cabinet Ministers.”

“However, if the BBC is to succeed in this patriotic task, we must ensure we always have the highest quality right wing audiences in all our live programmes, especially Question Time.”

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One thought on “BBC to review security after non-Brexiter sneaks into Question Time audience”

  1. And we have to pay for the political bias put into the programmes the BBC unashamedly put out. I would now withdraw my license if I could. How can you employ a woman as political editor who is so dismissive of the official opposition? Is it not supposed to be a fair and even presentation of facts?

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