Fascist bastard says young people who oppose fascism are the real fascists

Young people who oppose fascism are the real fascists, a fascist bastard has claimed.

Speaking during a televised speech, Nigel Farage said: “Educational establishments are teaching young people critical thinking skills that are highly dangerous to parties like UKIP, such as how to identify and reject the bullshit a professional liar like me.”

“What is now worryingly clear is that young people are becoming increasingly intolerant of racist and fascist political ideals like those I hold.”

“This needs to be challenged, and I call on the Secretary of State for Education to accelerate the degradation of the state education system to ensure school leavers are left powerless to see through my lies, as is much more commonly the case with the patriotic older generations.”

“If you think about it, the real fascists here are not people like me who have fascist ideals and who deliberately stoke hatred and division. The true fascists are actually those who oppose fascism.”

“Because wanting the people of Europe to come together in friendship, peace and prosperity is just about the most evil and oppressive thing anybody could do.”

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