BBC Question Time to spend full hour on Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return and why it makes him unelectable

BBC Question Time will spend a full hour discussing Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return and why it proves he is definitely unelectable, it has been decided.

Speaking in her capacity as spokesperson for the Conservative Party, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg said: “It is unfair and unpatriotic of Jeremy Corbyn to divert attention away from his proven unelectability and onto the obviously dodgy tax affairs of senior Conservatives such as Philip Hammond or Theresa May.”

“Fortunately, the BBC stands ready to hold the Labour leader to account for his antidemocratic and unpatriotic opposition to this government, which has an unchallengeable mandate to do anything it wants under the guise of the will of the people.”

“And that is why this week’s Question Time will be dedicated in its entirety to smearing Jeremy Corbyn even more than normal.”

“Theresa May asked us to ensure that the opening question is ‘does the panel agree with everybody in Britain that Jeremy Corbyn is an unelectable tax dodger, and when do you think he should resign?'”

“The second question will see the panel asked why they think Theresa May is loved so much by the people, and how brilliant things will be when she takes us out of the EU.”

“In the unlikely event that an anti-Tory audience member manages to speak, they will be overdubbed with a recording of New Labour attack dog John McTernan ranting about Jeremy Corbyn.”

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7 thoughts on “BBC Question Time to spend full hour on Jeremy Corbyn’s tax return and why it makes him unelectable”

  1. Unfortunately, many a true word…….. No matter what hot water the Tories get themselves into whether it is their failure to meet economic targets, reduce the deficit to below Labour levels, electorial fraud, Brexit shambles, NHS underfunding or the usual dodgy expenses claims you can be sure that 9 times out of 10 the first question will be anti-Corbyn. Also on the panel will be a majority of anti-Corbyn attendees including, annoyingly, a Blairite contingent. It’s not surprising that the less informed people are concerned about Corbyn when all they see are the lies perpetuated by the tax raising Tories & their media stooges.

  2. Why are people so laid back about the bbc reporting of this vile government the daily mail the sun ect along with the bbc sky and meny of the tory media friends are in my mind afraid of corbyn there propergander machine goes on and on unfortunately meny people are taken in by the brainwashing of the lies against this man are we getting like china Russia north Korea in blinding the public with untruthes by brainwashing meny of the public are being hammered by this government who by the way have borrowed billions more than labour ever borrowed but are NOT told this they only here from this lot THE ECONOMY IS DOING WELL ?? Is it !! No no no

  3. Err…no mention whatsoever on question time …pathetic site and as for anti corbyn panels. John McDonnell was supposed to be on it but missed his train

    1. From what i’ve read – he didn’t miss his train. He was on the train when it broke down and was stuck on it for 4 hours. It was interesting how the BBC decided to fly in an anti-Corbyn Labour MP – and neglected to mention that John McDonnell’s train had broken down. Yes, another non-biased panel, eh?

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