Why I’ve teamed up with Tories to weaponise anti-semitism, by John Mann MP

Over the course of the past week the Labour Party has been rocked by carefully choreographed accusations of anti-semitism, as part of a  campaign to damage the party’s popularity and electoral chances, and I am proud to say I have played a key role in this.

With local elections only days away, and with Labour and Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity soaring, my Blairite colleagues and my allies in the Conservative Party were left with no other option except to smear our opponents.

And that is why, with the willing collusion of the BBC and right wing media, we have grossly exaggerated the problem of anti-semitism and weaponised it exclusively for use against Jeremy Corbyn and his left wing supporters in the Labour Party.

But this is only the prelude to our coup attempt against Jeremy. Once the election results are in, my Blairite friends and I will immediately go to the media to denounce the result as a catastrophic failure, regardless of how many seats we get.

In the weeks that follow, we will agitate for a leadership challenge against Jeremy. If I had my way, we’d keep having leadership contests until the party membership votes chooses the correct candidate. Still, we are hopeful that somebody from the right of the party will win this time, or in a subsequent leadership contest a few months after that.

I have no evidence to back this up, but it’s a proven fact that the only way Labour can ever get elected is with centre-right policies that appeal predominantly to moderate Tory voters who are selfish, but would like to kid themselves that they do actually care about the well-being of anybody beyond their own immediate family.

I look forward to the day when Labour can move on from its pointless opposition to Tory austerity and the privatisation of the NHS, and start to work constructively with the Tories in building a country where the wealthy are rewarded for their contribution to society, and the poor and vulnerable are left to rot.

John Mann has been Labour MP for Bassetlaw since 2001.

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9 thoughts on “Why I’ve teamed up with Tories to weaponise anti-semitism, by John Mann MP”

  1. I assume this moron is not real as he is well out of touch with true beliefs of labour voters. In my belief blairites and red tories are no longer welcome in the peoples labour party. resign and join or form another right wing party but rest assured its better to have clarity between political beliefs and policies than two parties in competition as to who can best deceive the public.
    this is what existed in blairs time in power and has in reality been the mainstream of politics since churchill was in power.
    Tories blue and red are never able to act autonomously in the tory party and in the labour party until Corbyn took the leadership. Now the gravy train is being threatened and red tories are clinging like the tories to the stench of greed, and self interest as we the voters witness their weaknesses and lack of integrity. get out all you red tories who delude yourselves that you have a moral compass. – you lack morals and honesty join the tories this is the norm. get out you Blairites you likewise delude yourselves that youre good for the labour party but likewise cling to the gravy train your money grabbing hands clinging to a past that has long since entered the annals of history. hopefully the tories voters and MPs will be marginalised and given a shove towards the abyss during the May elections. dont vote tory ever.

  2. Anyone taking bets that David Milliband will be returning from the US early, taking a nice safe seat, and then running?

  3. Do you need to give any explanation for teaming up with the Tories? Wasn’t it very clear in your video when you was harassing ken in a ver aggressive manner? I wonder

  4. He is my MP and I am a Labour member. He doesn’t represent anything I stand for…I have been campaigning for over 2 years to get him deselected, I have enough evidence of smear campaigns, disgraceful letters and emails sent to constituents, threats (going to contact your employee…going to knock on your door …go the police, etc etc) and the threats are made against his OWN people…for what – not anti semitism but for merely disagreeing with him. If you cross him you are smeared with being an anti semite…he is locally notorious for it and it halts debate with him over anything – he is one very scary bull, initimdating but can we get rid of him? Can we boo….HELP BASSETLAW deselect this Babboon of Bassetlaw once and for all!!!

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