IDS slams Ken Loach for being ‘out of touch’ with spivs and high net worth individuals

Iain Duncan Smith has criticised left-wing film-maker Ken Loach for being out of touch with spivs and high net worth individuals, it has emerged.

The former Minister for Manslaughter said: “It’s all very well Ken Loach making films about the supposed plight of people who I plunged into poverty during my tenure as Minister for Manslaughter, but he needs to realise how out of touch he has become to spivs and high net worth individuals who don’t pay any tax.”

“The plot of his new film, ‘I, Daniel Blake’ paints an inaccurate picture of the lives of people who need to use benefits in order to survive.”

“When benefit claimants are sanctioned, they gain the freedom to take control and look for new opportunities to identify efficiency savings, such as starving or freezing to death due to lack of money.”

“Many claimants whose benefits were stopped for no good reason quickly freed themselves from having to pay extortionate rents to greedy landlords, some of whom are Tory MPs, by becoming homeless and living on the streets.”

“In addition, numerous actors paid by the DWP to make statements in support of my fantasy have thanked me for helping to turn their lives around through my cruel regime of sanctions and fitness to work assessments.”

“I am truly proud of my record as Minister for Manslaughter, but I’m even prouder of my exceptionally bald head.”

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3 thoughts on “IDS slams Ken Loach for being ‘out of touch’ with spivs and high net worth individuals”

  1. What a idiot of a man IDS is and always has been,when oh when are we all going to make him answer for the deaths of people and the hurt to many families he has caused,only one him and the people who does all the put down on so many people .

  2. Shut Up IDS magpie, you don’t like, because it’s nothing like your silly biased propaganda crap you come out with calling people on benefit lazy or scroungers. But at the end of the day you don’t like the truth and you all of us people to be dumb and brainwashed and know nothing about whats going on in our society.

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